My ‘Unrealistic’ Goals 2019


I was catching up with one of my favourite bloggers, Hello Miss Jordan, when I saw a suggested post of hers come up! And it was her ‘Unrealistic’ Goals List! I was so fascinated by the idea that I just had to write a list of my own!! And how fun it will be to look back in a year and see if I achieved these things!

1) Reach 10k on Instagram!

This is probably my big one, and although I’m only a little under 5k at the moment, I feel like it’s not entirely impossible! Especially as I plan on improving the quality of my content, I’m hoping to reach 10k by next May!

2) Sew a complete costume!

It probably doesn’t sound like much of a goal, but I feel like it should be on this list as it has been something I have wanted to do for a very long time! Whether it’s a cosplay, an outfit for a LARP character, or a historical garment, I really would love to have completed something before the year is up!

3) Start taking more outfit photos!

I really want to achieve this one! My confidence isn’t great, so this could be a struggle but how can I be an aspiring fashion blogger/cosplayer/larper is I never take photos of myself? I definitely need to start!

Earrings and Bookmark from @literaryelfling on instagram!

4) Work with more companies on collaborations!

I have only worked with a couple of companies so far, but I dream of working with more! My dream collab would be with Holy Clothing, so if I can achieve that I will be over the moon!

5) Open up my own Etsy shop and start selling my art and other creations!

My dream is to be completely self-employed and earn completely from my art and instagram. So to open up an Etsy and get at least 50 sales would be a complete dream come true!!

I’m calling these goals ‘Unrealistic’ because they aren’t all entirely likely to happen, and honestly some of them are out of my controls But I will work hard and try my best, and hopefully I will be back here in a year telling you that I achieved them all!!

See you next time!



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