My ‘Unrealistic’ Goals 2019


I was catching up with one of my favourite bloggers, Hello Miss Jordan, when I saw a suggested post of hers come up! And it was her ‘Unrealistic’ Goals List! I was so fascinated by the idea that I just had to write a list of my own!! And how fun it will be to look back in a year and see if I achieved these things!

1) Reach 10k on Instagram!

This is probably my big one, and although I’m only a little under 5k at the moment, I feel like it’s not entirely impossible! Especially as I plan on improving the quality of my content, I’m hoping to reach 10k by next May!

2) Sew a complete costume!

It probably doesn’t sound like much of a goal, but I feel like it should be on this list as it has been something I have wanted to do for a very long time! Whether it’s a cosplay, an outfit for a LARP character, or a historical garment, I really would love to have completed something before the year is up!

3) Start taking more outfit photos!

I really want to achieve this one! My confidence isn’t great, so this could be a struggle but how can I be an aspiring fashion blogger/cosplayer/larper is I never take photos of myself? I definitely need to start!

Earrings and Bookmark from @literaryelfling on instagram!

4) Work with more companies on collaborations!

I have only worked with a couple of companies so far, but I dream of working with more! My dream collab would be with Holy Clothing, so if I can achieve that I will be over the moon!

5) Open up my own Etsy shop and start selling my art and other creations!

My dream is to be completely self-employed and earn completely from my art and instagram. So to open up an Etsy and get at least 50 sales would be a complete dream come true!!

I’m calling these goals ‘Unrealistic’ because they aren’t all entirely likely to happen, and honestly some of them are out of my controls But I will work hard and try my best, and hopefully I will be back here in a year telling you that I achieved them all!!

See you next time!



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Miss Cordelia- My Bothwell Character✨

Hi guys!

It’s been a while since I last posted here and I’m sorry about that! I’ve just been super busy with different projects and things that I haven’t had time to write blog posts!

If you follow my instagram (, you will know who Cordelia is. Or at least know what she is.

Cordelia is a character of my creation that I plan on taking to a LARP called Bothwell School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. In case you don’t know what a LARP is; it stands for Live Action Role-play and is basically make believe for adults! The Bothwell LARP is inspired by the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and is a weekend long event in the South of England where you play a character attending a magical school. You get a lot of free reign when designing your character, but costume wise they have to adhere to the dress code, unless they don’t care about losing house points!

A portrait of Cordelia

The character I have created is called Cordelia. She was born in 1895, and was the first witch in her coven to successfully time travel a long distance forward, only he got stuck and had to start living her life in the 21st century. Her coven did not know this at the time, they thought she died, so they used magic to add her name to the list of people that went down on the titanic.

How ever, just over 100 years after Cordelia ‘travelled’ she suddenly arrives in the 21st century, in the exact same place she started only it looks very different now. There are taller buildings, faster cars, more people, busier streets. It is definitely not the town she remembers. However, Cordelia was prepped for a stranded situation, so she follows the instructions and begins to make the journey down the country to Herstmonceux Castle.

On her journey down, which takes her a long time because she has no money and only her wits and her magic, she learns a lot about this new age. She finds out about the internet, mobile phones, moving pictures WITH sound, airplanes and shorter skirts. She goes into a library to read about the tragedy that she was supposedly a part of and formed a great connection with that ship, feeling awful that everyone else really did die when she was sitting there completely fine.

Some of Cordelia’s possessions

She eventually made her way down the country to the castle, enrols in the school and restarts her magic education, constantly being amazed by the people she’s surrounded by and how much society has changed.

So! That is Cordelia’s story written out in full for pretty much the first time! I hope you love her as much as I do, and I cannot wait to play her! I will post updates (mainly in my instagram) as I develop her, and when I finally get my ticket to attend Bothwell I will document my whole journey and share all my costume pieces etc.!

Costume details

Thank you for reading my long spiel, and I hope to see you around here again soon!


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A Victorian Lady’s Guide to Fashion and Beauty Review

I have been eyeing this book up for so long, and I was so grateful when Pen and Sword Books sent me a copy of it to review!

The Victorian Era is one of my all time favourite periods for fashion! Every decade is so different, and this book takes you through each one, explaining what changed and why! It covers everything in so much detail, from undergarments to the most fashionable way to style your hair to the increasing popularity of jewellery!!

I absolutely loved learning all the little tips and tricks from the era, it that I will be using a lot of them in my routine as they are a tad impractical in modern life, but it was fascinating to imagine what life must’ve been like!

This is definitely a book I will keep returning to, and referencing from on my historical fashion journey, as although I know a fair amount, I feel like I will never know as much as in this book!

If you are at all interested in victorian fashion, I definitely recommend this book! It does require a little bit of previous knowledge as some of the words used they assume you already know! But as long as you either know them, or are fine with looking it up, then this is the perfect book!!

I rate this book 4.5/5, only due to the nature of the advanced vocabulary used!!

See you soon!