A Victorian Lady’s Guide to Fashion and Beauty Review

I have been eyeing this book up for so long, and I was so grateful when Pen and Sword Books sent me a copy of it to review!

The Victorian Era is one of my all time favourite periods for fashion! Every decade is so different, and this book takes you through each one, explaining what changed and why! It covers everything in so much detail, from undergarments to the most fashionable way to style your hair to the increasing popularity of jewellery!!

I absolutely loved learning all the little tips and tricks from the era, it that I will be using a lot of them in my routine as they are a tad impractical in modern life, but it was fascinating to imagine what life must’ve been like!

This is definitely a book I will keep returning to, and referencing from on my historical fashion journey, as although I know a fair amount, I feel like I will never know as much as in this book!

If you are at all interested in victorian fashion, I definitely recommend this book! It does require a little bit of previous knowledge as some of the words used they assume you already know! But as long as you either know them, or are fine with looking it up, then this is the perfect book!!

I rate this book 4.5/5, only due to the nature of the advanced vocabulary used!!

See you soon!