Clockwork Angel Review


I am back with another book review! This time I want to talk to you about the first book the ‘The Infernal Devices’ series by Cassandra Clare; Clockwork Angel!

(I’m not going to write any spoilers, and as this is only the first book I most want any future spoilers!)

I have been a fan of the Shadowhunter world and Cassandra Clare’s books for about five years, but for some reason I had never though to read any books outside of The Mortal Instruments!! I know, I’m a fool!

I finally decided to buy this series, and my god I wish I had done it sooner!! I love the Mortal Instruments, but there’s just something about this that sits so WELL with me! I don’t know if it’s the Victorian era, the London setting or Jem Carstairs(I love him, with my Whole heart), but this series it fast becoming an all time favourite!!

The plot is so interesting, all the little twists and turns and then the ending!! I wanted to pick up the next book immediately to see what happened next!!

I love the London Institute, and the adaptation of Shadowhunter life on the Victorian Era! Cassandra Clare acknowledges how society acted, and then went on to explain how Shadowhunters act differently!

Tessa Gray is such an amazing character, she goes through so much and stays so strong. She struggles occasionally, but she just seems so real and human. I love Tessa, she is definitely one of my favourites!

Jem Carstairs… what can I say? He is a perfect angel sweetheart that can do no wrong in my eyes. He is a beautiful kind hearted man, and just an all round good character.

Will Herondale. This boy intrigues me. There’s definitely something about him that’s not quite right, and from some of the things that are said he isn’t the most compassionate or social, but I think I love him? He’s one of those characters that you wish you could just wrap up in a blanket and give hot chocolate too, and never let anything heart them!

Jessamine is a funny one, she has her negative traits but she is so strong willed and that parasol of hers is the coolest thing and if I wouldn’t be at risk of being arrested I would totally want one for myself!

Charlotte is the best. A woman that’s head of the Institute and sooo many people fighting against her but she is just so strong and holds her ground and she reminds me of Peggy Carter, and I love Peggy a ridiculous amount.

Henry is adorable. I feel like I haven’t seen much of him, or he hasn’t spoken much but he just seems like a massive nerd and I love that. Plus he supports his wife and and is just so lovely.

I have already started Clockwork Prince and I can’t wait to finish it to update you on how I feel about these characters!!!

See you next time!!



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