Bothwell School of Witchcraft Character Plan🥀


I decided it was finally time I shared more about my Bothwell character; Cordelia, with you all!! I was going to make an instagram post, but I have a feeling it’s going to be too long!! I hope you love her as much as I do!


She is 17 years old, and was one of the first witches to travel a substantial amount in time, but she got stuck! She was born in 1895, and in 1912 she travelled forward to *whatever year is the year before i attend bothwell for the first time*! her coven wrote her disappearance off as ‘she died on the titanic’. She’s determined to keep apart of herself true self, so she still dresses in a lot of the clothes from her time period, although she is know to wear a modern ballgown every now and then!

As she missed a whole bunch of history that she would’ve lived through. she has an special passion for the social aspects of those eras, especially music! Her taste in music is all over the place, ranging from the classical piano pieces she used to hear as a child, to TLC’s ‘waterfalls’. She spent her first year stuck in the future studying up on what she missed, and how to function in the modern society, although she still doesn’t understand some of the technological advances!! She decided to go back to school to help with her adjustment and to continue her education!


Average height, around 5’6, has long ginger hair that she either wears loose and curly with a hat on, or up in a ‘gibson girl’ style bun! lots of freckles, but they only really show up in the summer, when she spends lots of time outside. she doesn’t ever wear a lot of makeup, maybe a little mascara and blush unless it’s a very special occasion in which case she might wear red lipstick. She is quite traditional in the way she dresses, she always wears little heels, skirts very rarely go above the knee and more often than not she still wears her corset too! She doesn’t carry a bag, instead she makes sure she has very large pockets and/or can just carry everything in her arms.


She is a bit reserved as people’s behaviour is a lot different than the time period she grew up in, but she also wants to make as many friends as possible. she just might not quite know how to do that yet. She is very kind, polite and a little bit ‘proper’, until you get to know her and she trusts you enough to let her guard down! she loves her friends like family, because they are literally all she has! On occasion she is known to be very outspoken and stand up for what she believes in!!


‘Old’ Books, Dried Flowers, Handwritten Letters, Herbology, History, Lace and Girls.


Modern Cities, Cars, Demons, Math, Wearing Trousers and Being Lost in Time.

This is all I have on her for now!! I will make another post when I either have more info, or I have bought my ticket!! Cordelia has been created to use at a magical UK based larp event called Bothwell! It is a weekend long even held in castle, and it is all about attending a witchcraft and wizardry school!! It has houses, classes and magic!! I am so excited to hopefully attend next year!!

Check them out at

See you next time!!


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